Saturday, July 01, 2006

Looking Ahead

Well, I spent a good part of the day today selecting courses for the Fall Semester at Guelph. My choices are based mainly on what I think will be interesting, but also on what I think I can do reasonably well in. They are as follows:

Introductory Philosophy: Major Texts
An introduction to philosophy through primary texts in the history of philosophy, with emphasis upon traditional topics such as the nature of knowledge and the different types of knowledge, the relationship between the mind and the body, the nature of good and evil, and the nature of sound argument.

Introduction to Theatre Studies
This course introduces students to the disciplines and subject areas that constitute Theatre Studies at the university level, including the work of playwrights, directors, designers, actors and technicians in creating productions, and the scholarly study of theatrical history, theory and dramatic literature. Attendance at a number of performances is required, since these performances are among the "texts" for the course.

The Languages of Media
This introductory course examines film, radio, television, and digital media, focusing on the codes and conventions used by different media to create relationships between structure and content, to make meaning.

An introductory course dealing with the basic concepts and methods of sociology applied to societies, groups and individuals. Students will gain an understanding of basic social processes such as socialization, social exchange, deviance and conformity, social change and basic social institutions such as the economy, the polity, the family, religion, education.

Psychology: Dynamics of Behaviour
This is an introduction to the study of human development, intelligence, personality, psychopathology and its treatment and social psychology.

I'm a little apprehensive about the Philosophy Texts one. I hated having to read primary sources in my highschool course by fellows like Plato and Kant. It's not that they haven't got interesting things to say, but the way that it's presented is so...well, dull. And a bit overwhelming, when you see you have to read 10 or 15 pages of tiny blurry text that's been photocoppied out of a book. Ah well. That one's a little iffy but I'm pretty excited about the others...they sound like they should be really interesting.

Now my next job is finding a place to live come September. Why not live in residence, you ask? Because of 1 business day.

You see, I originally applied to live in residence on the last day they would accept applications. I'm not used to dealing with banks, so it never occured to me that things might take awhile to process. I set up the billing account without a hitch. Then I began to transfer $500.00 from my savings account into my checquing account so there would be enough money in it. But it wouldn't let me.
"This transaction will take 1 business day to process," said a message on the screen. I had to tell it to schedule the transfer for the following day, and Guelph's Residence Dept. was going to withdraw my payment at 4:00pm that day come hell or high water.

I figured it wouldn't be a problem if they got the money a day late, and so did the people I asked for advice. The mistake I made was telling my bank to let Guelph bill my account the day before the money would be transferred in. I suppose I thought for some reason that they'd keep trying to bill me until they got it, so I let it go.

Nearly 3 weeks later I got a call from Guelph telling me that they still not received my payment for residence, and that I am therefore on a waiting list. Realizing my mistake, I set up another bill payment immediately and saw five hundred dollars drop off my balance. The next day Guelph emailed me to inform that "due to the increasing number of students it is highly unlikely that we will be able to offer you a place in residence, here's the phone number/email/link to the people who can help you find Off-Campus housing".

And that my friends is why I'm looking for a place to live. I've decided that I'm going to contact the folks the University referred me to in the next week, and hopefully I'll be close to having a deal worked out by the end of this month.

At first I didn't like the idea of not living in residence where I'm at least guaranteed the things I need; but the more I've thought it over, the more I like the idea. In fact, now I'm actually
glad I ended up in this position because I think I'll be better suited to that lifestyle. Interesting the way things work out that way.


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