Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What the Deuce Booster Juice

I went back to Booster Juice today to try and get to the bottom of things once and for all.

I left my first interview with the feeling that I'd done very well. My great detriment is the fact that I'm leaving town in less than a month and a half. Before the manager didn't act like it was going to be a problem. Anyways, I understand why they don't want to hire me; quite understandable, I guess. The thing that gets to me is that they made it very clear that "even if we decide not to hire you, you'll still definitely be called in for a second part to your interview so just be patient." They said that three or four times. Then they don't even bother to call.

So I go in there and the manager is behind the counter serving a customer. She points out immediately that I must be there because she hasn't called me yet. "Right," I say. She takes her time explaining that she'd much rather hire somebody who is going to be around more in the fall. She also thinks it's likely that I won't be available on weekends as much as I say I will be. She concludes by telling me not to lose hope, because she still might hire me as a last, desparate resort. Gee, thanks. It was tempting to make a face at the freshly hired little twerp standing behind her smirking at me, but I didn't.

So it looks like I'll have to be content with working for my dad this summer. It's not as if that's a bad thing, but I would have loved to find something for myself and meet new people and all that stuff. Anyway, I'm keeping my eye out for a place that might still be interested in hiring me...for a month.

In the meantime, I'm learning a lot about my dad's industry and what he's done to earn a living all his life. Some of the labour is fairly physically demanding, so I'm usually tired out when I get home, not to mention filthy. I've spilled sulphuric acid on myself more than once, which isn't as bad as it might sound but does make your skin itch and tingle and ruins clothes. Everything we're clearing out is covered in about an inch of dust and grime, since most of it hasn't been touched in many years and is only there because my dad and certain people he's employed are self-proclaimed packrats. Yesterday I had to stop what I was doing and step outside for a moment because the dust and whatever else in the air was making my eyes sting and overflow as if I was standing in a room full of chopped-up onions. I'm listing all these negative things, but those are really all I can think of. I've learned quite a bit, it feels productive, and I'm making money. Overall a positive experience.

Tomorrow my parents and I are driving up to Guelph to look for a place for me to live. I've decided to be fairly picky about it, (well, within the realm of reason) just because I can. And because I really am affected by my surroundings. So I'm looking forward to that. The more I sit in this room of mine, (which I think I've given up on cleaning for good) the more psyched up I feel about a change of scene.


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