Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Oh man. I'm making this entry at 2am because I'm not going to be able to sleep for awhile. I'm in Hamilton for the long Thanksgiving weekend and, currently, in an amazing mood. Which is a little odd considering I have three midterms on Tuesday. Oh well. To be honest, I'm not worried about them. I may find out later that my sentiments are foolish, but for now I feel like I've got things under control.

So last night a bunch of friends got together and we had a big ol' reunion, only missing a couple people who couldn't make it. (And Jeremy, who's not coming home from the west coast until Christmas.) Rockwell, Paul and Sara came to my place and we hung out for a bit, then went to Alex's. Then we decided to go pick up Emmett, (saw Matt and Simran in Hortons too...and their respective girlfriends.) We all drove back to Westdale and hung out at that Tim Hortons until they kicked us out, (because they were closing, not because we're hoodlums.) Aaaand then we went and sat in Rockwell's living room for a bit, and then went our separate ways. Was so so so totally awesome to see all those people again. We took a picture of the four guys standing around...hopefully I'll get ahold of it later and post it up here. (UPDATE: Got it. Thanks Sara. Click on it to see the less-blurry version.)

Emmett, Paul, myself and Rockwell. Thanksgiving 2006

And tonight! Oh. my. gosh. I was with Katelin from 8 until about 1. We had a blast: went to Williams down at the docks and took a series of hilarious pictures using my MacBook's Photobooth application. Basically, since there's a camera built-in above the screen, Photobooth lets you take pictures while you pose and whatnot. But the best thing is, it's got all these hilarious effects (very reminiscent of funhouse mirrors) that you can play around with. And so, dear readers, for your viewing pleasure I've put them on Photobucket so you can laugh at them...and also so Katelin can access them.
WARNING: May cause uncontrollable laughter. Well, we think they're pretty good anyway. (Ok, so there's a good chance you'll think they're just really ugly and stupid. Whatever. It was hilarious at the time.)

Click here. (Click on the first one first, then keep hitting Next)

Below I'll post the one serious picture we took. It's nice. After Williams we walked around a whole lot, and then went to Skyline on Main street and played some pool. That was pretty cool. Katelin schooled me though. Twice. Only because I let her win though. You believe me, right?

*insert male version of "muah" here...whatever that is*

Anyway, tomorrow'll just be more studying, maybe with study-breaks to see friends a bit more. Monday night I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with the Fams at my grandparents' place. Looking forward to turkey and cheesecake. So much. Yeah. This weekend pretty much rules.

@ Kat, who I probably won't see this weekend: Happy Thanksgiving!! <3>


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