Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Terrifying Terrific

I just realized those two words are intrinsically connected, yet their connotations are so different. Cool.

Well, I could hardly have asked for a better weekend. I saw nearly everyone I wanted to see, including Beth on Monday. Here's the artsy picture we took. The "normal" one wasn't...flattering.

I felt great on the weekend. I think I even looked good...better. Today: different story. I have two midterms to write today, and writing this little post is my way of taking a break. I should probably be up walking around or something. I haven't felt nervous about today until now, even though, thinking about it logically, I don't have much to worry about. I keep fidgeting as if I've had too much caffeine, but I only had one Cappucino (sp?) from Hortons this morning.

I really want this week to be over already. As soon as it is I can turn my focus back to BeattRock stuff, (yeah, we're going with the double T's for now.)

Gotta stop writing. I'm sitting in a library carrel to study, but it's technically reserved for somebody else. If the assigned user comes along, they can kick me out of their spot. However, I think it's likely that they wouldn't bother and just sit in an empty spot nearby. No reason to interrupt somebody who wants to work hard just like them. Which is why I'm feeling guilty every time somebody walks by and sees me working hard on a page with "Blog" in the title. Yeah.


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

"Terrific" used to have a neutral connotation, so it could mean the same thing as terrifying or terrible -- for example, a pile of gold or a giant dragon could both be described as "terrifically large."

This slice of literary history brought to you by the letter S.


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