Sunday, February 04, 2007

Classes and Asses

I should be working on my Critical Thinking Assignment right now, but I keep looking at my blog and noticing how long it's been since I posted, so I'm giving in and updating. Although, maybe I should point out that, being busier now, I probably won't be posting as much as I used to. I do want to keep this up though, no matter what. I think blogging is a constructive thing to do, even if your blog is as pointless as mine.

Last week I carried out one of the more...unique assignments in my educational career. They called it the Donkey Project. A girl in my Acting class, Jen, used to work at a sanctuary for abused/abandoned/otherwise unfortunate animals. What animals? Mainly donkeys, some sheep and goats, and some mules. Trevor, (our instructor) arranged for our class to drive out to said sanctuary last Tuesday morning. We were introduced to the animals and such, and then Trevor told us to pick one and observe it very closely. I picked out the biggest donkey in the pen; the one who seemed the most authoritative. (I think his name was Amigo.) I watched the way he swung his big head around as if he didn't care if it ever got to where it was going. The way he moved very purposely toward your outstretched hand holding a piece of apple. Very purposely, but slow and delicately too. They're neat animals.

When we got back to class, Trevor told us to recreate the sanctuary. To imitate, as best we could, the animal we'd been watching. He'd invited several of his collegues from the department to come visit us, and feed us. Some of my peers were less than enthusiastic. I said to a couple people that they should just think of it as bringing new meaning to the term, "making an ass of yourself." And you know what? It actually worked out quite well. I don't think anyone felt like an idiot, and even better, I think we did a good job. The people who came to check it out and handfed us crackers seemed very impressed - and I don't think they just felt sorry for us.

Outside of Acting, my life is the same as usual. I've made the decision to drop my Logic course. When people told me it was hard, I always couldn't help thinking, "Hard for you, maybe. You don't know me." Well, turns out, it was hard. If I were taking no other classes, it would be challenging enough all on its own - and then I could do it, if I didn't have other commitments. Unfortunately, I know right now that I'm not going to have the time or willpower I'd need to do well enough, so I let it go.

Right now in my free time I'm still watching movies and also starting to look at JobLoft frequently for listings in Hamilton. I also started writing an email to The Old Mill, (which, by the way, has a surprisingly nice little flash site) but I think I'd be better off going there in person the next time I'm in Hamilton, seeing as my dad knows the owner and all. I also plan to drop off a resume at the Westdale movie theatre. I don't want to work in retail that badly but it seems like there's almost no other choice. Plus, I suppose it's good resume material.

The only noteworthy film I've seen lately is Idlewild, featuring an entirely black cast and music by OutKast. It wasn't well received. Critics complained about the cliched plot, which I'll admit was very predictable. Still, I think the editing, the lighting, and the whole composition of the thing more than makes up for a weak plot and some stock characters. The music is also very toe-tappable. It's no masterpiece I guess, but it's worth checking out if you feel like being entertained.

At the top of my music playlist right now is:

Melt with You by Modern English
Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive
Wildcat by Ratatat
Assassin by Muse
Knights of Cydonia by Muse
Superheroes by Edguy
Lips of an Angel by Hinder

All terrific tracks. Check them out!


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I need to get that no-longer-new Muse CD.

I'm not dropping CP because it's hard -- it's easy, just dumb. 45% exam for a lab-based course? No thanks.


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