Friday, January 12, 2007

Act Like You're Impressed

All righty readers, I think I've finally thought of a path for this blog to take that I'm satisfied with. You know, something to make it more than just my little online diary. I'm going to try making it feature mostly information that I've picked up in class. Hopefully this will serve dual purposes: a) it will entertain you more, and b) it will motivate me to think more carefully about my classes because I have to tell it to somebody else in an interesting and succinct way. I'm like my own mother who says, "What did you learn in School today?"
And of course, I'll keep a running commentary on the events of my life as well.

After only 2 classes, I can tell you that my Acting class will be one of the most enjoyable and challenging things I've ever taken part in. Our instructor's name is Trevor Copp. He tells us to call him Trevor. In class we sit on the floor in a circle; no shoes, no socks. We do exercises that are designed to help us familiarize ourselves with weight distribution and movement possibilities. One of the most talked about things we've done so far was attempting to move across the room with the help of a partner, while trying to stay off the floor as much as possible. You're supposed to take turns helping each other move forward by accepting weight and having them climb across you or whatever. Picture Leapfrog, except you're not supposed to do the same thing twice. It's challenging, maybe more than it sounds. I'll keep you posted.


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Eolande said...

Keep up the good work.


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