Monday, January 01, 2007

Hullo, Oh-Sept

The time's finally come. I have a couple free hours to sit down and write the proverbial Big Post. I apologize for the large gap in posting, but I've really had my hands full lately with moving back to Guelph and starting a new semester.

Christmas with the family was great. It's always been my favourite time of year, since I can remember. When I was young I know I was totally convinced that all the Santa Claus stuff was real - I had no doubts. I don't lay awake at night listening for the sound of hooves above my head anymore, but some of those romantic notions around the season still haven't left me. I saw family I hadn't seen in awhile, and got to spend a lot of time with Rebecca, Chris and Ava.

I also spent a lot of time over the break doing driving lessons, since I'd missed out on them in August. (My instructor went on a long vacation.) I am happy to say that I have now finished the course and can get tested for my G2 any time. Unfortunately, I probably won't have the opportunity to do so for quite awhile. I may have to pay for additional lessons to refresh my skills before I can get my license. My instructor was a bit of a pain to deal with at times, but I guess it's good that I'm now hyper-aware of little details. Whenever I'm driving with someone and they roll over a white line slightly or put their turning signal on too early I find myself scolding them in my head.

On December 29th, The Brotherhood had a dinner at La Luna on King St., which I attended. (The Brotherhood is really just a group of friends, with sisters as well, whose only activity is meeting up to have reunions at times when a lot of people are back in Hamilton.) So it was good to see some old high school chums again. La Luna gave us our own room with one long table. I had an amazing shawerma dish. If you haven't been to La Luna, I recommend you give them a try. They're expensive, but worth it. After the dinner and bidding farewell to the other brothers, Peter and Sara and I decided to take a drive. Before long we found ourselves at Webster's Falls. The night was surprisingly warm for the time of year, and we stayed for awhile watching the blanket of white water roaring down into the dark. Afterward we rented Garden State, which neither of them have seen. I love that movie. I think they liked it too.

The next day the three of us decided to go shopping at Limeridge and take advantage of the post-Christmas sales. The mall was as chaotic as you'd expect, but we had fun. I spent a gift card I'd received for Sears and bought a pair of jeans and a zip-up sweater, and I'm very happy with both. Peter got also got pants and a shirt, I think. Sara was a lot harder to please, but we had fun watching her reject one perfectly good outfit after another. She finally left with some stuff though, so it was a success for all.

The next night was New Years Eve, and Katelin had a get-together at her place. Seeing the old gang again was so refreshing. I've met a lot of people I like at school, and as I sit in my favourite spot in the Library writing this, everyone around me looks friendly and interesting. Yet, I've yet to meet anyone I like as well as my old gang from high school. (And we were joined by Jeremy's girlfriend Nicole, who is also very cool.) We started off the night playing Poker, and then moved on to Scattegories - a game involving thinking under pressure and laughing at the outrageous things people think of. At midnight I uncorked a bottle of champaign which was actually sparkling wine, and we toasted each other with best wishes for the new year.

Here are some of my favourite pictures we took that night: [[click for full version]]

A photo I edited of the girls. I like this panoramic view, and the (serendipitous) alternating sequence of the have not and have drinks.

Our wonderful gang.

Pretending to be zombies.

More are available on my Flickr page, and also on Peter's Flickr page.

I'm pretty excited for this year and all it could bring. Apple's iPhone just came out, which is pretty exciting for a lot of fanboys. (Rockwell.) I think it's pretty neat, but I still have no more desire to buy a (very expensive) phone with a lot of features I probably won't use than I ever did. Still, I'm excited to see what else people will come up with.

On January 2nd I met up with an old friend I haven't seen since the 7th grade and had lunch at Tim Hortons. While walking through Westdale we were approached by Wendy Wolf from CH TV who interviewed both of us, inquiring as to how we spent New Years. The "story" they were researching was that young people are making NYE a more low-key event that they used to. My description of "a small gathering of old friends" seemed to be just what they were looking for, but of course they edited out my saying that I thought my friends and I were an exception to the norm. But who knows; maybe they're right. It was an interesting topic.

As the break started drawing to a close, I started feeling the weight of this on-coming semester and the incoming responsibility. With this small surge of inspiration, I began doing research for possible avenues of employment for the summer. (Summer meaning April. University rocks.) One night before moving day my parents took me out for dinner at The Old Mill in Ancaster. I'd been there before, but I'm sure I was too young to appreciate it. I fell in love with the restaurant the moment I walked in, and noticed a lot of the employees seemed to be about my age. I immediately decided I'd like to work there. I'm also applying for administrative work for the City of Hamilton, which I might take over a position at a restaurant strictly because of the pay. I'm also keeping my eye on the listings on, which I've mentioned here before.

There's more to say about my courses and such, but I've run out of time; I have class in 15 minutes. Overall, though, they seem like they're going to be very interesting and somewhat challenging. I'm sure I'll have a lot of stories to tell about Acting class. More on this later.

And yeah, that's it.


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