Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blog Infidelity

Tonight I stumbled across Squarespace, a fabulously snazzy blog and website publisher. It's a lot like Blogger, except it makes Blogger seem about a million years old. There is a lot more customization available, flashier templates, and the ability to remove any trace of Squarespace themselves from the domain name, therefore making you look better. The only downside is the monthly (or yearly) fee you pay for hosting, but the prices do seem reasonable.

I'm not planning on abandoning this blog any time soon, although at some point in the future, maybe once I'm finished my undergrad and looking for work, I'd be interested in having a website that features a blog section with research or other writing, plus a resume/portfolio section for self-promotion. (Much along the lines of Geoffrey Rockwell's site or that of Heidi Hysell.)

Not much else to report tonight. I have the day off work again tomorrow, and then I go in Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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