Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Three-Sixty Dream

Check out the newest gameplay video for Assassin's Creed. I will own and play this game....somehow.

Sorry for the lack of interesting posting recently. I haven't read about much interesting stuff going on, aside from the release of Halo 3, which the mainstream media has covered. It seems like just about everyone I know has at least tried the new Halo, and after talking with my buddies tonight and watching some game trailers, I think the sleeping gamer in me is awake again - and he's hungry. Some day I'll have a know, in about 20 years, when people are talking about Halo3 like they talk about Space Invaders today.

The other reason I've been relatively quiet on here is because, for the last couple days, I've been suffering from an intolerable cold that I was bound to catch with everyone around me being sick. So far my free time this weekend has consisted of sleeping, napping, catching some Z's, and snoozing. Being sick takes the vigor right out of me, which is why I'm unable to attend either of the two things I was invited to tonight. One of those things is "Nuit Blanche" in Toronto - some kind of tour which takes groups around to different venues to look at modern art. The venues are everything from regular galleries, to alley ways, to Squash courts. Tomorrow sometime I'll probably use Technorati to search the blogosphere for any info about what I'm missing.

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At 10:15 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Ben went to Nuit Blanche with a friend. I dropped several hints that I wanted to go but didn't get invited. Pout.


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