Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's Go-Go, Not Cry Crisis

I watched Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror the other night. It was pretty awesome, but I think I liked Tarantino's Death Proof a little more. I think I'll buy the Grindhouse DVD when it comes out. My main criticism of Planet Terror is that it made zombies less zombie-like, in my opinion. Maybe it's partly because Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, my favouritest zombie flick, actually moved away from the traditional slow-moving, moaning model. The replacement is an olympic-sprinting, shrieking breed of undead which is way cooler to me. So I guess my perception is off. I'm sure he did a good job paying homage to cheap exploitation flicks of the seventies. One of the best lines in the film, which I paid my own homage to in this post's title is, "It's Go-Go, not...cry-cry." Uttered by a slimy character portrayed by Rodriguez's realtor, it's best said with a thick Texan accent. Also, it's probably only funny when you know the context. Go see the Grindhouse movies. They're awesome.

I'm experiencing a bit of a crisis right now. It has to do with school, and I'll probably make a full-fledged post about it once everything is sorted out. Until then.



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