Thursday, October 11, 2007

Project Blank Page

One of my friends here at school has just shared a project with me that she's starting work on. It's called Project Blank Page. Before you visit the site, the hope is that people see this promotional video. Visit the website here.

The idea of Project Blank Page is to combat the accusation that the young generation is "the apathetic generation". It challenges university-aged people to create a small project, (video, photographic, or otherwise) that sends a message about how you plan to better yourself and the world. All the work will be showcased at a "Project Blank Page" film festival in January.

Although this is mainly directed at U of G students, any and all students are encouraged to participate. I am officially encouraging everyone to submit something because my friend Sarah's worked hard at this and the project will flop if no one contributes. I believe a Facebook group is coming soon.

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