Saturday, July 29, 2006

One Eight

Today I can, see movies that are Restricted. Oh, snap.

I actually looked some info up just out of interest and some of the other things of note are: I'm no longer a minor. I can get sued. I can get married. I can change my name. I can enter into contracts. And I can write a will.

Hmm. The next birthday'll be better, but it feels good to be 18, finally.

In other news: Tonight I went with Rockwell and Beth to see a couple plays as a part of the McMaster Drama Festival or whatever the official name is. They were back to back and the first one was called Body and Soul, which was pretty entertaining as well as a great discussion-provoker.

It presents this wonky idea of a future in which advancements in virtual reality technology allow for sexual experiences to be uninhibited by potential drawbacks. The idea of it is that nobody is unhappy (because images can be made perfect for everyone) and thus it would bring about a new social order in which everyone can have everything they want - like a version of democracy vastly improved upon, or something to that effect. Then of course the characters in the play struggle with conflicting thoughts around all that which makes up the plot. All in all, a well done piece.

The next play was Criminal In Love. This one had some awesome dialogue - that was its best feature by far. I didn't like it as well as the first one though, for a few reasons: it dragged on a little too long; some of the acting was a little sketchy; the end was totally sad, and not only did it have a sort of Fight Club-feel to it, but they even used the same song. (Where is My Mind - The Pixies) I also noticed that the actors were having some trouble staying in character. But I imagine it'd be tough in that play just because it's so long and with a lot of truly hilarious moments that had the audience bursting with uproarius laughter. 'Twas a good night.

After Beth decided to call it a night Rockwell and I just hung around the neighbourhood like we always do. The best conversations always take place in the dead of night. I finally came home around 3 in the morning, and it's now 4am and I'm not exactly feeling sleepy...probably because of that Hortons Ice Cap I had awhile ago. Nevertheless, I'm heading to bed anyway.


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