Sunday, June 10, 2007

Support Four Eyed Monsters

This 71 minute indy film is up on YouTube for a limited time. I haven't found time to watch it yet myself, but I plan to soon. FEM's creators, Susan Buice and Arin Crumley are credited with being pioneers of the digital media revolution. If you want to support them, which I think you should, you can register with It only takes a moment, (although make sure you uncheck the two boxes if you don't want them sending you unsolicited junk) and for every member that signs up on their behalf, Spout will give Buice and Crumley one dollar toward paying off their debt.

Do it here.

This weekend was pretty sweet. We hung out at Sara's on Friday night and met her friends from school, Michelle and Mona. Cranium is an amazing party game. We already knew this, but it never ceases to blow me away. Saturday morning Pete and I went for a run, and then that night I was working. It was a nice day to be sitting outside, although it got cooler near the end of my shift. It was a slower night, so pretty non-stressful, but I was glad to go home because I didn't bring a jacket or anything. Today I went grocery shopping and bought dinner for myself and Sarah/Kat, who I hung out with tonight around here. Tomorrow the plan is to head over to her place in the evening to play some Guitar Hero and try out the Wii, which is something I'm long overdue in doing. Speaking of guitars, I lent her mine because I never use it and she's trying to learn.

I hope I can coax myself to go for another run by myself in the morning. We'll see.

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