Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life of a Non-Student, Part Deux

The last few days have been so awesome. On Friday, Alex and I had lunch at the bagel place on Locke street. Nothing like a toasted bagel with cream cheese! It was a really nice day too. We spent the afternoon devising plans for our video project. That night, Pete was back from Toronto and, after having Chinese food for dinner here, we went over to Sara's. For the past week or so we'd been planning a surprise birthday party for Jer, so the three of us set to work baking him a cake. We were there past midnight working on it while listening to some oldies. It was good times. The next day was the party, and it went off well. In attendance were most of the usual gang, except Katelin who was out of town, and Jeremy's girlfriend Nicole. The original plan was to have a picnic at Pier 4 park, but we decided to stick around Westdale since the weather threatened rain. It was strictly an afternoon thing because Jer and Nicole were leaving to go camping that night.

That night after the party, Pete and I rented The Last King of Scotland. It was a solid film, I really liked it. Forest Whitaker's performance as the dubious Ugandan president Idi Amin was definitely deserving of the Oscar award he won. Tonight, Pete, Paul, Luke and I went to Silver City to catch a 9pm showing of new Pirates of the Carribean movie, but, tragically, all shows were sold out. At a loss, we just hung out and ordered pizza. Stuffed crust.

Oh man. As I was typing that last sentence, my Donnie Darko poster fell off the wall. You don't know how depressing that is - because, I always have trouble getting posters to stay up. But I put my new ones (acquired last fall) up over a month ago with some awesome sticky tack and they've been fine...until now. Ah well.

Before I go fix that, I want to mention that there's still been no word from any of the places I applied for work at, but I'm now just starting to look into something I've heard about. I don't want to say what it is until I've learned more about it and decided whether it's even feasible - but I can tell you that, if I decide to go for it, I think those of you who know me will be fairly surprised. This is not a typical David-move. More to come.

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