Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life of a Non-Student

My appreciation for summer still hasn't diminished. Some of my friends are already pining for the next school year to begin, which is a sentiment I can imagine, but not indulge in. As much as I appreciate the luxuries that student life affords, such as the facilitation of intelligent thought and the opportunity to meet like-minded people, I'm really enjoying the flexibility of a non-student life. It still seems like a novelty to be able to make plans to, say, hang out with friends for hours without worrying about looming responsibilities that will haunt you until they're finished. Of course, life would probably be more like that if I were working full-time. Take from that what you will, but I won't say any more publicly about my current job.

What I will say is that this afternoon I went with Alex to a Youth Employment Centre in Jackson Square. We spent probably a good hour going through their books of job listings and filling out applications. I don't know how she did it, but Alex filled out three times the number applications that I did, and in less time. But in any case, I applied to 4 positions that I think I have a pretty good chance at. The first two are with Children's Aid - both computer-oriented jobs, one being an IT person, (whose desired expertise is pretty unintimidating, mostly just dealing with Office applications and Internet Explorer) and the other a junior accountant. The third one was a no-brainer choice for both of us: a counsellor at a Theatre day camp for kids aged 7-14. Lastly on my part, I applied for a position with the Biochemistry and Biomedical Science Department at McMaster as a junior web designer. The job description actually emphasized proficiency with Word more than proficiency with Dreamweaver, which was a pleasant surprise seeing as, well...that is certainly the case with me. Although, there's no doubt in my mind that I'm qualified for the job, especially since Rockwell's visits to Hamilton have included a little time to show me some pro tips for use with Dreamweaver and HTML in general.

In other David-news, I need to mention the awesome time my friends and I had this past Sunday night. We went to check out the Victoria Day fireworks display at Dundas Driving Park. They were pretty amazing. I kept having flashbacks to when I was a young kid, and cowering in between my parents and under a wool blanket being terrified out of my mind at the same or similar show. Don't get me wrong though. I'm glad my parents took me. In fact, I've come to think of it as a rite of passage. If I ever have a son, I'll take him to some crazy Chinese fireworks, and he'll emerge from that night a man.

I may be going camping with some high school friends during the weekend of June 9th and 10th. The destination in mind is Fifty Point, just east of Confederation Park in Stoney Creek. In addition to this, my usual gang has hopes of organising some kind of camping slash backpacking excursion, since my hopes for a cottage-excursion got knocked out by the brutal uppercut of reality saying, "You're all relatively poor." Ouch.

Lastly, but absolutely not least-excitingly, Alex and I are in the ultra-early stages of planning some kind of low-stress video project. And before you start rolling your eyes, let me say that I know what you're thinking: How many times has Dave said something like this? When will it end?

Projects such as this one that never make it off my mental drawing board seem to be doomed to fail, and it's usually because what I have planned is too elaborate or beyond my means to create. It's also because I'm something of a perfectionist when it comes to these things, and I'd never create something that couldn't live up to the ideal in my ambitious little head. (Actually, my head is kind of big, but that's not important.)

The point is, this project is not beyond our means, and Alex is hopefully less anal about these things than I am, which would dramatically increase the likelihood of something actually being produced. Expect it to appear on this blog eventually, and if it doesn't please bug me about it. Danke.



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