Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Indian Medicine Shows

They're playing at U of G at the George Luscomb Theatre, which is in the MacKinnon building, every night next week from Monday to Friday. The nights I'll be on Sound Crew are officially Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, but I'm sure I'll be there more than that. The admittance cost is currently unknown, at least to me, but I'm sure it will be five dollars or less. Starting time? I don't know yet, pretty sure it'll be 8pm though. Contact me and ask if you need to know.

Warning: If anyone is actually interested in coming, you should come in the spirit of watching a good production and supporting me, but not seeing me. Most times we have a gajillion things to do before and after the shows. This especially applies to Saturday night, which will probably take us into Sunday morning as we have to strike, (tear down) the set after the closing show. And sorry for the short notice, but the same thing applies, I've been pretty busy with this and everything else I've got going on. Always having fun though. Stressed-out fun. Good times.



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