Saturday, August 05, 2006

Me and a Meme

It's been awhile since I've posted and that's because there's not a whole lot going on. I'm just working like usual and mostly sleeping/playing WoW/hanging around with Rockwell in my spare time. Last night/this morning we rented that CGI Final Fantasy VII movie Advent Children and watched it on his dad's MacBook Pro - which is very nice, by the way. I don't remember exactly when that movie came out but it's nothing new, I just didn't get around to seeing it until now. Anyways, it was really cool. The plot and characters won't mean much to you if you didn't play FF7, but I reccomend it anyway if you appreciate artistic stuff like this. The graphics are just so nice.

Anyways, my excuse to post again is this meme from Ren's blog. You have to answer the person's questions and then be prepared to pose your own to anyone else who asks and on and on it goes.
So here're the questions Ren asked me, and my answers:

1) Why must you pick such hard movie quotes on my message boards?
2) How long have you known Kat and how did y'all meet?
3) What makes YOU so brilliant, HMM?
4) Why do you think you DESERVE to be interviewed by ME?
5) Tube socks, yay or nay?

1) ...Because I'm a movie nut? Wait, change that to pseudo-movie nut, because I don't actually know most of those quotes off by heart. I just vaguely remember them and then use the ever-wonderful IMDb to get 'em right or find a better one from the same movie. Plus I suppose I don't have that clear of an idea of what movies you folks are into, besides you liking Disney.

2) I met Sarah/Kat during our school's production of West Side Story when I was in Grade 11. That would have been in September/October of 2004. We were casual friends/acquaintances the way people are when they're in plays together I guess, but we didn't stay in touch afterward. I think I had an interest in being friends at the time until I found out she was in grade 12 and, being the shy dude that I was, I was embarassed that I'd been treating her like such an equal. *laughs* It wasn't until she showed up in my Grade 12 Philosophy class in first semester as well as our school's literary magazine/club that I found out she skipped a grade and all that. Anyway, I guess we discovered we had a whole lot of common ground and have been buddies ever since.

3) Why, isn't it obvious?
No, sadly I only have my moments of utter brilliance as often as the next guy. Thinking back, when Kat told me to register on i-m I didn't have a handle that I was satisfied with and (maybe I'd been permeated with some bloody brilliant British culture at the time) I just typed it in randomly and liked the way it looked/sounded. I've been using it as my handle for everything on the internet ever since! Although I don't like it now as much as I did; I s'pose it comes across as being more arrogant than I intended. (I only do the cocky-thing from time to time in jest.)

4) Wait. Hold on. What makes you think you deserve to ask these questions that produce such long and lengthy answers from me, TEH BRILLIANT ONE?!?! (Notice that my esteemed responses are fancy and italicised while your lowly questions are not. Ha.)
Well, I suppose it's got something to do with the fact that I've been such a prominent and constructive contributor to your mostly pointless yet entertaining message boards that I've come to love as if I've always been there.

5) It depends. On me? No thanks. On girls? Meh, not really. On Scots? Yay. Hell yay.

PS: I beat out all of you in long-windedness. Try harder noobs.


So in other news, I should be getting my new laptop very soon. I can get it whenever I want, I just have to get around to doing my price-checking research and all that, which I think I'll do right now.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Rami said...

Just thought I’d drop a quick note to say that I think your blog is excellent.

Good luck with university!


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