Monday, October 16, 2006

Those Who Like it, Like it A Lot


I am sad. The course I was most looking forward to taking next semester has regretfully been...filled. Before I got to it. This is infuriating! Last night there were several spots left, but because of my student number I couldn't register until this morning. And alas, I didn't get up early enough. I guess those who like Linguistics like it a lot. There are 98 people signed up for the class - who'd have thought it would be so popular? ARG. I'm going to check back as often as I can though - maybe somebody will drop it and I can fill in the crack. If not, maybe I can take it through distance education in the summer or something. The rest of my courses, I'm fairly happy with.

Film as History
This course will consider film both as a source and as a comment on the past. Topics will vary depending on instructor expertise, and may include film as propaganda, the city in film, film as myth, women and gender in film, film and war.

Contemporary Cinema
The course is designed to give the student knowledge and understanding of contemporary cinematic expression.

Acting (Level 1)
A studio course for drama students applying classroom theory to acting problems. The course is required of, but not restricted to, students in a drama specialization.

Elementary Symbolic Logic
A study of the basic principles and techniques of formal logic. The analysis of the logical structure of sentences and arguments is explored, together with the fundamental principles of elementary sentential logic and quantification.

Critical Thinking
A course designed to develop clarity of thought and method in the analysis and construction of arguments. By contrast to Elementary Symbolic Logic, the emphasis here is upon informal principles of critical thinking and arguments stated in terms of ordinary language. Topics include the nature and methods of arguing, classification, definition and fallacies.

Nobody seems to understand my desire to take the last 2. The only way I can explain it is that I just love that stuff. I really enjoy debating and especially picking apart the way people present arguements. This is something I generally pay a great deal of attention to when I write something, particularly an essay. It may be a completely useless skill unless you're a lawyer or something, but I don't really care. So there.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Kat said...

mmhmm, I love logic and arguing.

Too bad about your linguistics class :(


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