Sunday, December 03, 2006

Woopsie. Also, Finals.

So it turns out my niece's name is Ava. My bad. A little research says Ava might come from the Hebrew "Chava". It also has connections to "life", and is a commonly excepted phonetic variation of "Eva". Saturday night I went to see them with my folks. We took some pictures, but to be honest none of them turned out very well so I think I'll hold back on posting them until I get some better ones.

As for me...I'm finished all my classes! Yeah! It's weird. I'm writing my first final tomorrow at 2:30. Today me and a bunch of people in my class got together at the library and studied together for about...4 or 5 hours I guess. Cool bunch of people.

After that, I have 3 more finals this week and then my last one on Tuesday the 12th. And then I'm off for a month! Woot. So yeah, since I'm pretty busy I won't be posting here much in the next week. I'm busy studying for one thing, and won't have anything to write about for another because I'm not doing anything besides work! That's the hope, anyway. For now, the good old Beatles are keeping me company as I go over Machiavellian vs. Socratic views on Law. Thank goodness for those guys, (the Beatles), seriously.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

*totally off topic* Did you make that banner? I don't remember seeing it before. It looks coool.

You get off a whole week before me!

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Brillo said...

...which banner??
*no idea what you're talking about*


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