Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Hard-to-Name Post

Today I finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people like Christopher Lee, the actor who played Saruman in Jackson's films, who has read The Lord of the Rings once every year for decades. As much as I enjoyed The Hobbit when I was younger, I never could get into the main series much. So, albeit very late in happening, I've made it my mission this summer to get them read. Needless to say, Fellowship was an exceptionally good read.

I was going to make a long and in-depth post about all the news articles I read today, from HD-DVD fiasco over at Digg that unexpectedly doubled its traffic according to Alexa, to Apple's announcement about using LED back-lighting in future computer monitors, but I think I'll skip over that part for now.

I had my interview at Desjardins yesterday, and it seemed to go fine. They didn't say they'd call me, or even when to expect contact, but that doesn't worry me - I think they're still figuring that stuff out. As I've mentioned before, I'm reluctant to publish as many details as I'd like. The last thing I need is my own dooce-effect. It's been a nice, relaxing week so far; one that will be made even better by the potluck barbeque at Paul's tomorrow night.

Also, I finally posted new photos up on Flickr and Facebook for the first time in ages - photos featuring Ava from when we had family for dinner last night. (Links to both on my sidebar, as always.)

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