Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arg @ Apple...and Me

Tonight I made a post on the WoW Forum: Mac Technical Support. I hear people talking all the time about how they run WoW on their laptops "no problem", and I always figured I'd have the same lack of problems on a laptop that's brand new - with an Intel core and everything. My post was regarding some other questions I had around installing mods and patches and whatnot, but I also inquired as to the overall performance on MacBooks. A Blizzard representative replied within a couple minutes:

" When you log on it should trigger the download of the 1.12.0 universal patch. Should be one huge download and then patch you up to current.

We're not as happy with our performance on the Intel-GPU Macs as we would like to be, but it is an important issue for us and we are continuing work with Apple to tune it up further. At present I would recommend running absolute minimum graphic settings, and leave vertex and pixel shaders disabled.

Mods are usually a no brainer if they come in a ZIP file, if they come in an EXE file then it's not easy to get them installed. But the engine is compatible so you can just drag Addon folders from old system to new system and off you go."

That bit about having the graphics turned down to the absolute minimum is a pretty huge bummer. It's almost making me reconsider my decision to leave my desktop at home when I move out. Wait, "almost"? No, I'm definitely reconsidering right now. In fact I'd say right now I'm on the fence as to what to do. I'll sleep on it.

In other aspects of life, these are the things I still have to do before move-out/in day:
-Call my landlady and ask her what I need to do to set up a wireless internet connection in my room
-Go clothes shopping
-Get a tan (because I look hot with colour.)
-Buy a laundry hamper
-Burn all my movies onto DVDs
-Write two letters I've been putting off writing for the entire summer
-Find some stuff in the black hole that is my room that I want to take with me when I go

Happily, I get the day off work tomorrow so I'll have no reason not to get started on this stuff.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Kat said...

My advice: Leave WoW at home. I'm glad it won't run on my laptop (at all). School is for schoolwork and there will be plenty of others ways to procrastinate. :)


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