Monday, August 21, 2006

Right Off the Cuff

I spent a good part of my day working with my dad again, whose antics rarely fail to amuse me. Just a little while ago we were driving home on Main street, and suddenly my dad recognizes the back of this truck up ahead of us, whose driver he meant to call but probably forgot to. So he says to me, "I think that's that guy!" and then manages to pull up beside him, put the window down and catch his attention, all while speeding along down the busiest street in the city. As we continued on our way side by side, they arranged, by yelling out the windows, to meet at my dad's place tomorrow morning at 11 to do business as usual, which in this case happens to be removal of unwanted crap. I mused about it afterward, noting that "I can't believe that worked." My dad said that kind of thing happens quite a bit when you run a small business - a lot of things are right off the cuff and random like that.

Anyway, this entry is dedicated to my buddy Kat because it's her 18th birthday today meaning she can finally realize her dream - to rent some porn. Congrats Kat.
In all seriousness though, here's hoping she has a great year.


At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

Everyone knows porn is for boys.

Thanks bril :)


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