Monday, August 28, 2006


I only have a few days left at home now before I go away. I've got a lot to do before Saturday but I'm trying to have fun doing it. On Saturday night a few of us got together at Katelin's and had a good old time, and we said goodbye to Alex who's off to Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Awesome. Yesterday I went clothes shopping at Winners and got some nice things. My favourite is this suade jacket I'm very happy with.

And tonight Rockwell and I stumbled onto iChat...the instant messenger for macs. Oh man, is it cool. Since the macbooks, (he bought his today - an upgraded version of the Pro, of course) come equipped with a webcam/camera and a mic built right in, it's all pretty easy to set up. So yeah, we amused ourselves with that for quite awhile, but we need more people to talk to on there. More Mac users!

I also read an interesting post today on the WoW forums written by this guy named Tim who was unfortunate enough to drop his iPod into the toilet on an airplane. He was on the plane flying to Canada to meet a guild mate. It ended up being this huge deal because they thought it was a bomb in the toilet...and even after they knew for sure that it was only an iPod they still had to go through all the motions. Tim wrote about being extensively questioned by government officials, bomb squads, detectives, and so on. Moral of the story: don't...drop your iPod in an airplane toilet. I bet that's one you didn't know.

But what I'm really wondering is: what's with Apple and putting i in front of everything? It's seriously a little narcissistic.


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

It's supposed to make you feel like it's your very own personal whatever.


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