Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Guelph. This is my new reality. I've been living here for, let's see...about 4 days now. The cable guy just showed up today around noon to set hook up internet and cable TV for me.

I had all these ideas about what I was going to write in this first entry, but my muse isn't feeling that ambitious now. I'll just try to cover the basics. I'm supposed to be having a wonderful, amazing time up here this first week, what with there being no classes and literally hundreds of "fun" events planned over at the campus. The truth is, it's just average. For the first couple of days I think I was pretty swept up in my new environment, but when you live about a 45-minute walk away from campus it's not as easy to make friends as everyone says. At the moment I'm actually looking forward to classes starting - one thing I've known about myself for a long time but frequently forget is that I thrive on a structured, predictable life-style.

My new home has its ups and downs. As I said it's farther away from the campus than I'd like it to be, but the bus is free for students and getting there that way only takes maybe 20-25 minutes. My room is a good size in comparison to Rockwell's residence dorm, but it's also a spawning ground for cat hair. The people I'm living with have a lot of pets: 3 dogs, and 6 or 7 cats. One of the cats is too smart for my own good. He knows how to open doors and close them again. I woke up on the first morning with this big fluffy thing sleeping on my head. Myself, my clothes, and most of my posessions have become permanantly infused with his hair.
The dogs barked at me a lot at first, but they're getting used to me. My landlady Jeannette also runs a daycare centre out of her basement. When I leave my room for something I often hear the sounds of mewling children coming from below, but I'm used to that now too. It's not a big deal.

I'm sure I'll write some more later, but Rockwell just dropped by and we're going out to get food.


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