Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stage, Linguene, Code

Life Update! It goes on as usual, and I mean that in the least desparaging way possible. My time in Hamilton has been really great so far. I wish I could take a whole year off school instead of just 4 months. I've done a lot with my friends in the last couple weeks, including the barbeque at Paul's, the night at the boat and Williams, as well St. Catherine's on Monday night. Jeremy, Alex, Katelin, Emmett, and I drove up to Brock University to support Westdale's Sears Drama Festival entry: The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ianesco, skillfully directed by Pete's sister Thea. We met up with Sara, Beth, and Pete who'd made the trip down from Toronto, as well as a host of other friends and former teachers from Westdale. Soprano, by the way, is an absurdist play that pokes fun of the more ridiculous points of conversational manners in the time Ianesco wrote it. It's hard to explain it in a way that makes it sound remotely amusing, but the play is honestly a riot. You'd have a good chuckle if all you did was sit and read the script to yourself, but seeing it in performance is something else. Ruthie Pytka-Jones' and Spencer Reynolds' (I think that's his last name?) highly physical and chemistry charged performances had the audience in stitches. They got a standing ovation.

Afterward we drove back to Hamilton and I met up with Pete, Sara and Emmett at East Side Marios. I had Linguene with some spicy meat sauce, plus Caesar salad and delicious garlic bread. My mouth is watering again thinking about it - it was awesome.

I'm not working much this week. In fact, my only shifts this week are on Saturday and Sunday night. I am, of course, more actively seeking an additional/replacement job. Desjardins haven't called me yet, but I happen to know they aren't finished interviewing candidates yet - so it's not a worry. In my spare time I've been trying to keep fairly busy. My mum has been considering quitting her current job for quite some time and migrate to greener pastures. Most options would require her to become more computer-literate, so I actually wrote a small course that features content I think would be relevant for most office jobs. One of the likely outcomes that we've just begun looking into is the possibility of starting a little business of selling things on eBay. We bought a book that explains how to go about it properly. According to the book, one important step in promoting your legitimacy as a seller is having your own company website. So, to help my mum out, and to educate myself in something that's worthwhile anyway, I've been re-learning HTML and teaching myself to use Dreamweaver. If my plans come to fruition, I'll build a simple website for my mum's potential company which will be good practice for my own eventual site. (I already mentioned my desire to create something more professional and independent in a previous post.)

Anyhow, I think that'll be all for tonight!

EDIT: I keep forgetting to mention that the feed from my is now in my sidebar. Keep an eye on the list to see what interesting articles and other items I've been looking at lately.

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