Thursday, June 14, 2007

Filler McFillerson

My interview at Sears went well yesterday. I suppose this is how a good interviewer is supposed to make you feel, but it definitely seemed like they planned to hire me so long as my police background check goes off without a hitch, and my references speak highly of me. He asked me a lot of questions; about my personality, activities, education, work experience, and so on. "He", by the way, is my potential boss Terry , and the manager of Sears 'Home' in Ancaster. This particular outlet has never sold electronics before, and are presently building the section in their store. They plan to sell a lot of TVs and home theatre hardware like speakers and DVD players, DVR, and all that sort of thing. They'll have a limited selection of PCs as well. I hope I get the job.

There isn't much else to say really. I was holding off on talking about the interview because I planned on having more interesting stuff to blog about by now, and then doing it all in one fell swoop. But I didn't go out last night as I thought I would, and instead spent the night quietly at home watching Stephen Frears' The Queen with my parents. It was good, but you probably already know that. I'd say Helen Mirren deserves most of the credit she got, although Frears has a real knack for pulling stellar performances out of his actors. I also rented The Fountain, which didn't do well critically, but is reportedly a better experience on DVD than it was on the silver screen. (I have it for a week - will probably watch it tonight.) It's one of those far-out philosophy movies, I think. Not like Fight Club or Memento, but more like...Cube, maybe.

I have to leave in about an hour for work. Oh, and also, I just found that I've got a funeral to go to on Monday. Sadly my great aunt passed away this morning after a long, (although undiagnosed) battle with bone cancer. I'll be a pall-bearer for her. I don't mind funerals, although I wish they weren't so gloomy. But I guess that's the point.



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