Friday, July 27, 2007

Crack the Stone Tablets

Today was fun. I spontaneously went out for what would be best defined as brunch with Kat, her mom, and her sister Erika. We washed down our pancakes and eggs with a tall glass of Guitar Hero. Work today was uneventful, except for an old man who struck up a conversation with me about my studies and imparted on me his relevant wisdom. I'm working for several hours tomorrow, and again during the afternoon on Sunday - which also happens to be my birthday. The rest of the week was fairly flat, with the exception of my big adventure in Toronto on Wednesday, (subways are so cool!!). I also attended a seminar over at Mac on Tuesday evening about teaching English in foreign countries.

I'm immensely looking forward to some of the things I have planned for the near future. Most immediately is the Muse concert this coming Wednesday. Then on the weekend of the 10/11/12th, my friends and I are going camping at a place called Rondeau. Awesome. I'm also hoping to get out to see the Queen musical in August, probably with Alex who needs to see it almost as badly as me. Nothing's set in stone yet, but the coming week will likely also involve me staying in Guelph for a couple of days while I look for a place to live. There's more, but I'll save talking about it until it happens.

I decided I was going to stop making so many posts like this, but I gave in, hence this entry's title. I'm going to cautiously promise that regular posting will resume shortly, as soon as I get my thoughts gathered up and find the time to write 'em down.



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