Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All Kinds of Heroics

Lordy. Summer's already more than half-over. The bizarre thing is, when you're in public school, two months of summer seems like this massive gap. When you return to the next grade in the fall, everyone always looks older than you remember. (And usually darker.) But this time around, with about 5 months off, it seems like no time at all. Maybe it's just being busier that does it. Ah well.

So, this weekend fell a little short of my expectations due to some unforseen things. On Friday I was hoping to go to Toronto with Pete and Jer to this little show, but then I realized it was fruitless to even try since it was likely a 19+ event. (I think they decided to go someplace else since it was super-busy anyway.) I also called Rose and asked her to see Pirates 3 with me that night instead, but she "doesn't watch those movies". For shame, Rose, for shame. So Friday night was basically this huge waste of a weekend night. Saturday night I had work, but Paul, Pete and Sara picked me up after my shift and a bigger group of us met at Alex's. It was just a short visit, enough to see Sara's slideshow that she put together for Pete's birthday a while back. Sunday night the plan was to go see a Canada Day show at Niagra. Sara being our driver, I showed up at her house to find that her poor mum had fallen and hit her head on the corner of the stove. Paramedics were soon en route, and Sara of course accompanied her mom to the hospital. (She's fine, by the way.) But yeah, I spent the rest of the night at Pete's just hanging out.

Monday was pure awesome though. The usual gang (sans Alex, Katelin and Beth) met at Paul's for a games night featuring all Kat's nifty stuff. Guitar Hero was, as always, a big hit. I want to own it more than ever now. I also want another games night soon...or hell, maybe just a guitar hero night. Speaking of which, that reminds me that I'm sort of baby-sitting my cousin Mel's apartment, (read: feeding the cat) next week while she and partner Adam are off camping. I'm also allowed to use their stuff, which is so cool of them. So hooray.

The other so-called "heroics" item is this: recently I downloaded the entire first season of the TV show Heroes. It was a pretty random choice, and I had no idea what I was getting into. Anyway, I love it.
I don't get sucked into really far-fetched fantasy stories anymore as a rule, but this, for some reason, is just so compelling - and I'm not even sure why. It's not very original, and mainly thrives on cliff-hangers and ever-so-frequent story-twists. The plot formula is so familiar you could swear you've seen this show before. Because, yeah, wait a second...ordinary people discover they have super-human abilities...which are caused by the fact that they're the beginning of the next stage in human evolution...yes, that's it! This has X-Men written all over it. Except these guys have no Patrick Stewart to tell them what's what, and teach them to use their powers correctly. They get along okay though. Heroes is carried by a strong cast, with special mention to Jack Coleman, who consistently presents one of creepiest television characters I've ever seen. I also enjoy Ali Larter's (pictured above) multiple personality character(s) whose complications she handles very seamlessly. There's also minimal use of stock characters, which is a nice change. Probably the most unoriginal character is Masi Oka's "Hiro Nakamura", (pictured right) the pencil pusher from Tokyo who can bend space and time to his will. That said, he's also one of the most lovable characters and I can't wait to see him in more stuff. The soundtrack is pretty nice and often appropriately haunting, although sometimes the rest of the show doesn't quite keep up to the "epic level" of the music.

In any case, I can hardly tear myself away from the show long enough to write this or do anything else. I'm about to start episode 14 out of 23, and I started out yesterday morning. I've only stopped to go to work last night at Baranga's and today at Sears - which, by the way, is my only Sears shift this week. Thumbs down to that, but one of my bosses assured me today that more hours are on the horizon.

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