Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I sold my first TV today, wahoo! It was a Samsung LCD, 32". One small screen for man (and wife), one giant step for Dave. Or...maybe not so giant. Whatever, it was cool.

I also went back to Guelph on Tuesday to meet with my program councilor, who was extremely helpful and gave me a truckload of information regarding future course choices and stuff like that. I'm all enlightened. A step closer to the mouth of Plato's cave, even. Tonight after work I hung out with Rose and Huxley again. They are awesome.

So I've got tons of exciting plans for the upcoming weeks. Next week on wednesday I'm going to see my fabulous school chum Sarah in Toronto, and in the next couple days after that I'll probably be in Guelph staying with friend Sharon while I apartment-hunt. Then it'll be my birthday, hooray hooray, and then Muse. August 1st. With Kat. Will be amazing. And after that, my posse is planning a camping trip - destination currently undecided, possibly someplace on Lake Huron - probably for the weekend of August 11/12.

Life rocks.

PS: I really want to update that mopey, fakely artistic picture for "About Me" in my sidebar there. I hate it now. I need to get a good picture taken of me, fast. Any takers?

PPS: I want this book badly.



At 1:16 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Me me me! Photos yay!


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