Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just a note, the sidebar link to my class blog, "Dave Studies Media" is now functional. The opportunity to keep a blog for big marks is a welcome novelty, and I'm really enjoying the community-aspect of it. Remember, the class blog is not an exclusive club! Feel free to jump in on the discussion. I'm moderating comments on it so as to keep the quality up.

My dad bought this laptop recently. Another one to add to the growing trend of laptops and portability in general becoming more mainstream. I think we'll see laptops become dominant, at least in the realm of computers for personal use, especially now that they've become so much more affordable. More discussion on this is going on over at my Apple Anorexia post.

This weekend is a pretty low key one for me. Preparing my seminar presentation for Monday is at the top of the priority list but pretty easy to do. The window in this room faces west and it's that time of day when the sun streaks in here and lights up my white microwave like a magic cube that contains the secrets of the universe. You know...a la 80s sci-fi flick? Not referencing anything in particular, just blabbing. Incidentally, all my microwave actually contains is some dried up tomato sauce that spattered out when I didn't bother putting a cover on the mini ravioli.



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