Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stevenote in 60 Seconds

From Monday's Macworld '08. Steve's 90 minute keynote is presented here in 60 seconds, with all the important points covered. The new kid on the block, the MacBook Air, has got everyone talking. Here's the synopsis:

-sexy minimalist design

-cannot get extra battery
-cannot replace/upgrade any hardware, (and what you start with isn't all that great - 2gb RAM for example)
-no ethernet or optical drive (dongle and external USB drive sold seperately), and only 1 built-in USB port

Basically, I'd say it's one of those things to get if you have money to burn and want to look hot, but getting a MBA as a primary laptop is probably not such a wise idea.

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At 12:34 PM, Blogger paul said...

As with everyone else I was quite impressed by the air, however, upon reading people's opinions, I understand how the air is really stuck in the middle.

For starters, in 2004 sony released the x505

Basically the same thing, but with obviously non modern specs. The x505 had no optical drive. Clearly the world wasn't ready for such radical change, and the same thing in 2008 with the air. Pure download systems aren't widely implemented to the extent that warrants removing the optical drive. While the remote disc installation is clever, it clearly demonstrates the dependency on optical drives that they're trying to eliminate.

The biggest complaint I've seen is from business users. Business users constantly traveling want an ethernet port for *fast* hotel internet connectivity. The need for various adapters/splitters and dongles contradicts the basis of the air.

Give it a few more years I'd say.


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