Monday, October 23, 2006

It had to be said

Just a few minutes ago I returned home with 2 DVDs from Blockbuster. I rented some more episodes of numb3rs, and The Butterfly Effect 2. I never even heard of it before I saw it in the store. I expect it will be bad, but I really liked the way the first one was shot so I felt obligated to see the likely lack-lustre sequel. (Felt I deserve this break after spending the whole day reading in the library.)

So I came home and was met with a surprise. The dogs were edgier than usual. And then I realized: there were four instead of the usual three. Jeannette picked up the smaller one (another girl by the way, a light-brown coloured cross between a poodle and a hound, currently unnamed), and said, "We went to the petstore yesterday looking for fish and we just fell in love with this one. I know, I know. We're nuts."

I looked her in the eye and said, "Yes, you are."


At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Kat said...

I'd be like that with cats if I were a little crazier. Right now I have parents preventing me from taking home all the kitties I like -- hopefully Ning will assume that position in the future. :P

I didn't know there was a sequel :O

At 1:06 PM, Blogger brilliant said...

The sequel was bad. Different characters, extremely predictable. The only thing it did well was make me feel sad at the sad parts.


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