Monday, November 06, 2006

Full House Turned Technoramble

Not much to say, but I feel like making an entry. Last week was very busy. This week's going to be moderate. I have to work on a paper this afternoon for Philosophy. It's due tomorrow. The weekend was uninteresting although very relaxing. I didn't really go out, just relaxed, which I think is what I needed. I've gotta shift back into working mode for the week though.

The house where I'm staying is fuller than ever. My land lady's family is having a small crisis, her dad's in the hospital or whatever, and so a lot of her family are living here in the house. Currently we now have: the land lady, her son, her daughter, two other students: Jason and Mike, the land lady's mother, the land lady's sister, four dogs, and seven or so cats. (I don't actually know how many there are exactly...they mostly stay in the kitchen where I never go.) I keep to myself and stay out of the way. The new puppy, (they still haven't named her) is a pee machine. Every part of the house outside my bedroom door smells like urine all the time, which is annoying, but I think this disorganization is fairly temporary. I paid my rent a week late, just today, and to make up for it I paid her for this month and December in advance. She was happy.

On the newsfront: Final Fantasy XII is out. From what I've seen it looks like they're pushing the PS2's graphics engine to its full potential. (From the looks of it: not much of a graphical improvement since the abomination that was X-2.) I can't decide if I want to play this game or not. I should probably save my money for a next-gen the Wii. I don't know, right now I'm actually feeling more inclined to buy a new desktop computer with the money I'll eventually, hopefully be making when I...eventually, hopefully get a job. Yes.

If I get a new computer, I hope it's a Mac. I think it's safe to say that I've officially been converted into an Apple person. I love my Mac, I really do. I can't imagine going back to Windows full-time. It's a functional OS, but it just doesn't have the ability to make you go, "Wow, this is so cool!" every single time you turn your computer on. Not in my experience anyway. Though, Microsoft's new OS, Windows Vista, is coming out before too long and it's supposed to be a lot like OS X as far as the UI and features go. We'll see how things turn out, but so far the only 2 real downsides to using a Mac are its incompatibility with games, and the horrible, lacking version of MSN Messenger we have to use. Not that it matters much though; new Macs come with dual-processors now anyway and can run a Windows OS if need be, no problemo.

Speaking of which, somebody really needs to bring a new instant messenger into mainstream use. I find it a little disconcerting that I've been using the same old software since the 7th grade to connect with people. I guess the public need for new instant messangers has been subdued by the advent of text messaging - a phenomenon I totally missed, and never really saw the appeal of. The only cell phone I ever owned was in my cherished posession until I left it the pocket of my khakis and it journeyed with them through the washing cycle. Incidentally, I have a cell with me in Guelph - an old Nokia from the pre-text message/camera/mp3-era. It's scuffed and dirty, and has this idiotic feature where you have to press a series of numbers in order to unlock the keys to use the phone - including turning it off. When the phone and I were first acquainted, this was a major point of contention. But now we have an agreement - I never turn it on except for when I'm using it. That's it. Good agreement. Hence my need for a new instant messanger. I haven't gotten into Skype yet, but I'm thinking that's the future.

And for some reason, I keep getting (and falling prey to) the urge to listen to Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. It's that creepo song from Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill does his unforgettable Mr. Dressup-Gone-Horribly-Wrong gig.


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