Sunday, November 12, 2006

Internets, abound!

I've got a smattering of things to write about tonight. Lately I've been trying to enrich my internet experience by bolstering my repertoire of sites that I check almost compulsively on a daily basis. (I mean, I respect Mark Zuckerberg and all, but there's something about Facebook that's just starting to make me sick.)

When I come to Hamilton on the weekends I really enjoy watching G4 Tech TV - especially Call for Help with Leo Laporte. Featured on this show, apart from the all-knowing Leo, is my new hero: Amber MacArthur. Well, not my hero exactly...but let's just say I envy her career.

I applied for membership at this site called ReviewMe. The way it works is bloggers will list themselves in a directory organized by sections ranging from Technology to Babies. Then advertisers can pick a blogger from the selection and pay them to write a review for their product. So if your blog gets a lot of pageviews and you're linked to on other pages, you're worth more to an advertiser because more people will see the review. I think this is a brilliant idea. Talk about a good way to earn some extra cash! The only requirement is that you basically have a really top-notch blog that a lot of people read. Anyway, my blog got rejected right away for not meeting the minimum criteria. That's why I'm trying hard to make a transiton from totally personal stuff like "what a bad day I had", to stuff that is actually of use to other people.

More noteworthy blogs:
Paul Stamatiou's Tech Blog. This guy got scholarship money for his blog. He does a good job of keeping on top of stuff that's happening on the internet and other technological developments.
Indexed. I personally think this guy is a genius of sorts. There's not much I can say to explain this, you have to check it out for yourself.
dooce. This is one I've actually known about for quite awhile but haven't ever mentioned. Heather "dooce" Armstrong is a lady from Utah whose blog is so popular that it supports her family. It's not really about anything besides her own issues, but if nothing else she's a terrific writer and takes really excellent pictures.

And two more websites I must mention...(sorry this is all random and disorganized)
Fandalism is basically YouTube...except for music! You can upload music and then put it on your webpage or whatever you need to do. I haven't looked at this in a lot of detail yet, so that's really all I know.
And lastly: BoingBoing. This site is awesome. They describe themselves as "a directory of wonderful things". It provides a steady stream of news items or internet-items that range from being funny to just downright weird.

Ok, I'm done. I think. I'm sorry this entry has so many links in it, I know it can be annoying to read articles where every other word wants to take you somewhere else. But it's just all so interesting!

Led Zeppelin's making me very happy lately, especially Ten Years Gone and The Rain Song. My weekend was spent playing some WoW, hanging out/playing pool with Peter and Paul, and surfing the web, of course. Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind. I basically live to write papers - at least most of them aren't completely awful topics. In fact, most of them are pretty interesting, so I can't complain.


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Kat said...

Yay dooce!

I checked out Indexed, it's cool.


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