Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Writely So

Here are some of the interesting websites I've stumbled across lately.

JobLoft is the best site I've seen so far for helping you find a job. It's easier to use than Monster, and you don't even have to sign up to get something out of it.

Aside: What's discouraging, though, is that just about every job posted on there lists as its first requirement past experience in retail or sales or what have you. How're you supposed to get experience, then, if you aren't born with it or something? Arg.

Moving on, this might be the most interesting thing I found. Writely is yet another Google thing that lets you store documents online. (Your use your Google account, so it's all free of course.) You can also have other people make suggestions and collaborate on your project, if you want. It autosaves every 10 seconds. And yeah, you can basically edit your documents from anywhere and all you need is a browser. This could be extremely useful to me - the hard part will be getting in the habbit of using it.

Peter showed me this. Kirupa is a site with an archive of tutorials for Flash and Photoshop. The tutorials are good for somebody like me just starting out and trying to learn actionscript. (Yeah, Pete was good enough to lend me his Studio 8 disc, so I got finally got Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.) At the end of a tutorial it lets you download the formula for what it just explained how to do, so all you have to do is paste it into your Flash project. Then you can edit the details as you see fit. I've been too busy this week to start poking around with it much, but I hope to this weekend.

Man, I love the internet. Anyway, last night I hopped on a bus up to Toronto to see a production of The Caretaker at Soulpepper theatre. We're studying it in Theatre, so my whole class went to check it out. I loved it, it was fantastic. I think it was my first Theatre in the Round experience, and they did some really crazy stuff with set design and lighting that made it a pretty unique experience. The closest seats to the stage were a foot or so away from it, and I was in the second row. So you were so close to the actors you could easily reach out and touch them if you were so inclined. (If you did, and you were in my class, my prof would of course eat you alive later.) I'm eventually going to have to write a paper about the set design for that production, and I'm feeling good about it because I already know pretty much exactly what I want to say.

Today I've got a couple more things to wrap up and then I should be in for a nice, free weekend. I'm planning on heading into Hamilton yet again and hopefully this time getting some shooting done for BeatRock's first project, which we've neglected for far too long in our school-induced sleep-deprived stupor. I have a sudden craving for a hot dog, but all I have in the fridge are pears.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Kat said...

mm Pears.

When I want to save some writing on the intarnets and access it anywhere, I just use my blog or save a draft in Gmail... I will check out this "Writely." After I have a shower.


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