Friday, November 24, 2006

Breaking a Good Hobbit

I've been following the whole tussle between Newline Cinema and Peter Jackson over the filming of The Hobbit. Basically the whole issue was, they had a disagreement over some of the money that The Fellowship of the Ring raked in. This dispute was still going on until recently, when Newline more or less told Jackson, "Look, we'll let you have it your way, you can have the money IF you sign this contract to film The Hobbit." And Peter Jackson, whose Lord of the Rings films grossed $2.92 billion worldwide and won 17 Oscars, and whose King Kong remake was funded with $20 million upfront and eventually earned well over $600 million, told them where to go. He and his wife decided they didn't want to start making a film with that kind of bias behind it. In a letter posted on, Jackson said,
When you agree to make a film, you’re taking on a massive commitment and you need to be driven by an absolute passion to want to get the story on screen. It’s that passion, and passion alone, that gives the movie its imagination and heart. To us it is not a cold-blooded business decision.
Newline decided they wanted to get started on making The Hobbit right away, so they're now seeking out other directors. One person they're considering is Sam Raimi of Evil Dead and Spiderman fame.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Sam Raimi's work, but anyone besides Peter Jackson directing a Lord of the Rings film is an incredibly upsetting prospect. I, along with a bajillion other fans, am really irked about this. Although, there is a reference in this article stating that this matter is probably not over yet, which is somewhat hopeful.



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