Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby Show and Double Oh

I want to make a post but don't really have anything to say. Life goes on as usual. I'm faced with a pretty easy week. I have no major assignments due this week, and no tests. Next week is, I believe, more or less my last week of real classes. Ok, so I don't actually know at this point, but it might be. I do have a major Languages of the Media assignment due next Thursday though, and that is my primary concern at the moment. I'll talk about it another time when I have more to say about it.

I had a great weekend. Pete and I hopped on a bus Friday night that took us straight to McMaster. We watched Hard Candy during the ride, which I had already seen but still had lurking on my hard drive. I think it's a really good movie. Peter's response was, "it's so messed up." That's pretty accurate. Saturday night, Rockwell and I and Paul went to see Casino Royale. I was apprehensive when I found out that Daniel Craig was the new Bond, because he didn't strike me as being anything like Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan. But that turned out not to be a bad thing, because he brought his own things to the performance which is, in my opinion, one of the best skills an actor can have - especially when it comes to playing a character like Bond. People are calling Casino Royale the best 007 movie in years, and while I'm not enough of a James Bond guru to agree or disagree, I can tell you that it's very, very good. No complaints about the new Bond girl Eva Green either!
After the movie the 3 of us returned to the Rockwell lair and played Poker with almonds as chips.

On Sunday my mom was hosting a baby shower for my sister, Rebecca, whose baby (most likely a girl) is due on Christmas Eve. I told my mum I'd help out, that's what most of my day was spent doing. During the party I was charged with keeping watch over the toddler-aged daughter of one of the ladies at the party. Alexandra is my sister's husband's brother's little girl. I tried to entertain her with Photobooth, and was interested to see if it actually would capture her interest. (Which I thought would be funny because it suggests that people of all ages love to look at themselves.) She made some faces at herself, and I managed to snap a couple good pictures.

During my spare time on the weekend I enjoyed playing some WoW, and made the first real progress on my druid, Bothar, since I started school in September. I've got a big WoW post planned for when he hits 60. Currently, he lies in wait in Thunder Bluff at level 57. The Burning Crusade comes out January 8th, and there is currently a raging debate inside my head over whether I would rather spend money on that or a Wii, or something else entirely.


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