Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fight in Your World, Pay for Ours

The PS3 has been launched. Outside of WalMarts, Bestbuys and Future Shops across North America, people have rioted, gone into labour, been robbed, beaten, injured, stabbed, shot, and killed. It all makes Sony's arrogance seem a little more justified. You can buy one for 600 USD...that is of course before taxes, and with only one controller and no games.

More specific stories are available at, which is my new source for practically everything. It's another website Pete showed me, and I'm now reading the new articles pretty well every day. It's amazing how much drama the video game industry creates in the US alone.
(I'll add it, along with several other resources to my sidebar link collection sometime...eventually...when I feel like it I guess. It's just kind of time-consuming and html is my nemesis.)

Even though it's also on GP, I just have to link to this Foxtrot comic which is such a perfect illustration of the real problem that politicians don't seem to understand: the fact that there is a rating system (in fact, here's their website) that parents are seemingly oblivious to.

Random comment: I also read in Heather Armstrong's blog recently that she was interviewed on CNN...which is pretty cool. I hope I remember to check that out. (Date TBA.)


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